I’ve noticed I think ALOT in the shower… does anyone else do that? Lol 
I woke up so tired today after a long weekend full of work and outings with family and friends, that when my alarm went off I just wanted to stay in bed and rest but I realised I’ve actually got to work! 
It’s not just about me anymore, I’ve got to do this for my new family. 
Motherhood is not a joke, everyday I realise I’m going to have a huge responsibility to deal with very soon and I just want to be the best I want to be! 

Currently I actually work 7 days a week! I run my own business and now I’m working two jobs because I realised my hustle has got to step up! 

I can’t lie it’s really not easy, most times I just want to rest, as you may know I’m more tired than I used to be, but the hustle must continue! There’s money I need to make and there’s another human coming into my life who I now need to look after which means he comes first! 
What allowed me to stay motivated this morning was knowing that I’m going to inspire young females on how to be their own boss! Talk to them about my journey and why I love my job! And this has all been from the hard work I’ve been putting in since I graduated from uni, work that people are finally starting to see, which makes me realise that these sleepless nights, the long days, the early starts are actually ALL worth it! 

One thing I want you to all do is never give up! Keep on going, because one day you are going to realise is that it’s all going to be worth it. 

God will never put you in situations that you feel you can’t handle, he just prepares you for the amazing things that will reap from it. 

Have a productive week my loves!

“You are about to become everything they feared you would be” – Sprinkle Of Jesus 


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