Nothing is going to stop me! 

Omgosh I did it! I actually did it! 

Sunday 2nd July, the sun was beating down, little bit of wind but it was a very very nice day! Anxious but determined I prepared to run the 5K race I promised myself I would do since last year in memory of Nisi.

When I told myself I would it, my reason was because it was going to be a huge challenge for me. For those that know me I’m a sprinter, I like running 100/200m but anything longer than that, yeah count me out! So agreeing to do 5K was definetly something out of my comfort zone, but I was determined to keep going and not give up because that’s what Nisi always used to do! 

When I crossed the start line I put my headphones in and starting jogging my way round the long route alongside thousands of other determined women raising money for Cancer and fighting against it! 

Along the route I wanted to give up, I was so tired, my foot was hurting but then I imagined Nisi at the finish line smiling and cheering me on so I kept going, kept going! 

Each 1K I would see a sign telling me how long I had to go and each time I knew I was getting closer to the end so I kept pushing through. 

My last 500m approached and on the right hand side I saw my loved ones cheering me on, pushing me to finish. Seeing all those familiar faces made me smile and forgot about all the pain and tiredness I was experiencing. 

As I reached the last 50m I spirited my way to the end and I was sooooo happy! I actually could not believe I had done it! Not only that but I’m pregnant too! What a double whammy! 

It was only one of the best days of my life and I’m not even exaggerating. I’m so happy I’m still able to keep fit while carrying an extra load and I’m continuing with my life and enjoying every single step of the way.

All the hard work of training paid off! I feel and look good if I may say so myself and that’s honestly thanks to the best boyfriend ever! He continues to push me through  and support me in every single thing that I do. Thank you! 

I aimed to raise £500 but thanks to my loved ones I exceeded that limit and now I pray that money will be beneficial and can perhaps save someone’s life out there who is suffering from the horrible illness.

Cancer is not a joke and it takes so many lives, people being diagnosed are getting younger and younger and it saddens me! 

This month is Nisis birthday, she would be 27 but sadly she won’t be celebrating with us. I just hope everyday she is smiling down on me, and I really hope she’s proud of me too. 

Writing this I have tears in my eyes because I find it hard to take in that my princess is no longer here, but I will make sure whatever I do in this life I never ever forget her and I will let her name live on! 

Nothing is going to stop me! And I honestly feel like Nisi’s soul helps me to push through.

I hope you were proud of me my princess! It was all for you! Thank you for helping me get through it. 

Love you forever x