The Natural Journey So Far

I wish someone told me how hard it was going to be to look after my natural hair! 

I would say it’s been about two years since I relaxed my hair and I’ve found it so so difficult! However, going natural has allowed me to embrace my beauty and appreciate myself more. 

For about five months now I’ve gone totally natural as in I don’t wear any make up whatsoever (not that I even know how to apply make up). I would usually do my eyebrows and maybe slap on small foundation to cover up my blemishes. But that’s all stopped and I’m loving it! 

I swear I can get ready to go out in about half an hour, probably quicker than my boyfriend lol. 

Going totally natural is not for everyone though but personally it’s made me feel so much more confident mentally and physically. 

I have not had a weave on in some months and have either had different braid styles or just left my hair out to enjoy the natural fro! 

Wash days for me are a myth! I honestly cannot wash my own hair because I never clean my whole head and the drying part takes me like an hour. So I just got to a hairdresser who helps me tackle this big fro! 

Unfortunately natural people I have no specific products you can get in this country. The shampoo and conditioner I use I was lucky enough to get when I attended Yandy Smiths event in NY last year (check out that post on my blog

I use a product called The Mane Choice which was created by a female entrepreneur called Courtney Adeleye (what an inspirational woman!) If you are willing to invest in your hair I would highly suggest checking out their products and just paying that little bit more for postage, (thank me later)!
But yeah this post was to simply show that you can have fun with natural hairstyles and still feel beautiful. If there are any specific styles you like feel free to comment so I can point you on the direction of the hair stylist. 

To all my Queens, just know you don’t need to always wear make up or wear a weave. Don’t get me wrong I used to do it too but since taking that step to the natural side I’m enjoying every second of it (including all the lovely compliments), join me on my journey!