We are go through hard times in life, but it is how we deal with it that moulds us!

I woke up today thinking about some of the hard times I’ve been through and how I dealt with them, I can honestly say that over the years I’ve learnt how we can channel negativity into positivity! I took myself back to 2012, a very hard year for me, a year I struggled to find self-esteem, to believe in myself, to love myself! Fast forward to 2017, and I’m the happiest I have EVER been, because of the way I have decided to deal with things.

2012 vs 2017
We all deal with things differently, but one thing we need to do is learn how to channel hard times into a positive thoughts. Easier said than done right? I know, but I have finally managed to do it, I use gym, prayer, books and mediation to live a positive and happy life and it has helped me physically and mentally.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and just hating everything about yourself? The way you look, the way you are, your life journey! I don’t ever want any of you reading this to feel like that.

Bad Skin 2012 – 2014

Improved Skin – 2017
I remember being a tiny size 6 in clothes and having the worst skin because of the toxic, negative lifestyle I was living, I hated the way I looked, I was so uncomfortable with my situation, I look at myself today and my whole life has changed! I’m the happiest I have ever been and this has been through minor changes in my mindset and lifestyle.

I started going to the gym, and just over a year ago I started weight training. I remember just before I started weight training I used to be so scared, I used to think it would make me hench, and ruin my figure, but it has helped me to look and feel better!


I want you all to find a way to channel negativity, live a happy life, it is far too short to be compressing all the negativity in your life! It does not have to be the gym, but I want you all to find a something that helps you deal with any sort of grief or upset you may deal be going through.

Going to the gym helped me to channel all those bad thoughts, I now look better, feel better, I’m stronger and I’m leading such a happy life. Don’t get so consumed in a situation that you forget yourself or the person you know you are capable of being! Remind yourself how great you are every single day! Set backs and doubts are bound to happen but don’t let it consume your life.


I’ve now adjusted my lifestyle, I go gym twice a week and yoga once a week, I have changed my diet and I’ve made lemon water my best friend (do the same, then thank me later)!

I write this post to prove to you that minor changes in your lifestyle can create such great opportunities for yourself! I now run my own music management company, I blog, I’m starting a vlog with my partner and I am part of one of the most talked about online shows right now, and there are a few other things I have under my sleeve. What is there to complain about?


Changes don’t happen over night, but when you make something your routine, it becomes a habit and you become accustomed to that lifestyle. So what’s stopping you? Make your change NOW!

As you all follow my journey I would like to remind you about my 5K run that I will be taking part in on July 2nd in memory of my darling friend Nisi who sadly lost her life to cancer last year. I would be so grateful for any donation, please feel free to donate by clicking here >>> http://www.justgiving.com/gabrielledadzie <<<

I’m not a Personal Trainer or anything but I love love working out, so if any of you would like tips or advice please feel free to message me!

“God will use the worst things in your life and use them as a platform for his grace”.