I Enjoy Expressing Again! Find out why…

It’s been just over 6 months I’ve been a breastfeeding mama – I can honestly say I’ve had mixed feelings throughout the journey.

From over producing, to producing near enough nothing to the point my son was getting frustrated. I would get so upset knowing breastfeeding just wasn’t agreeing with me, to this day I still don’t know what caused my decrease in my supply. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest parts of motherhood!

But with perseverance and patience and with huge help from Boobix I was able to breastfeed my bubba again! (Thanks Mums & Tea!)!

As I had to start mixed feeding my son, it meant expressing was very important! I received a Tommee Tippee electric breast pump from a family friend and that is what I had been using until it felt like the pump was ripping my nipples off (literally). They would get raw red and expressing just became a chore for me.

However, I was lucky enough to receive this amazing new 2in1 Single Breast Pump from MAM! MAM has been my life saver since my bubba started using a bottle, it was the only brand he would use, and he also uses their pacifiers too! We are HUGE fans!

Thanks to my new breast pump I’ve now enjoyed expressing again! There have been so many positive factors about this pump and this is NOT paid review, this is my honest review.

Firstly what I LOVED about this pump was that there is a manual pump AND an electric pump!

The pump screen also has an electric dial, so it gives you a variety of options to choose from with the touch screen. You can change the strength of the suction, you can also change the type of pulse the breast pump uses. With the digital face it allows you to time how long you express for (which for me was very very handy – it gives you an idea of how much you express in a certain amount of time).

You have the option for the pump to use batteries (perfect for when you are travelling), and it also has the option to use a plug which I preferred as I felt it was more powerful. Using battery the electric face tells you how much battery life is left, a function that the Tommee Tippee electric pump did NOT have!

What I loved the most about this breast pump was how QUIET it was!!! This was music to my ears – when I used my last pump it was so noisy it was embarrassing. I remember taking it on holiday when I travelled with hubby and my friends as soon as that pump came on everyone knew what I was doing (how embarrassing!)!

This was a perfect function especially when trying to express next to a sleeping baby!

I loved the storage pots they also provided, perfect for refrigerating and transferring to bottles when ready to feed. I used to find the breast milk bags very awkward, and clumsy me would always spill liquid gold when transferring it.

I had stopped expressing because I was not enjoying it, it was just a chore and it was painful! Now I’ve started expressing again, my milk supply as increased majorly and it’s no longer a chore, if anything I’m excited for the results as I’ve been able to express about 4-5 ounces at a go which is a lot for me!

I would honestly recommend the new MAM 2in1 Single Breast Pump for all the breastfeeding mamas out there, it has allowed me to enjoy my breastfeeding journey. My son is now 6 and a half months and before I had him I promised myself I would breastfeed for 6 months so I’m super happy that I have surpassed my milestone! So let’s see how the next 6 months go with my new pump. I will be sure to update you all.

Oh, I forgot to mention it’s great for a present too and the pump can now be found in all stores that stock MAM and Online too!

RRP: £130 (July 2018) – MAM Website


How The Mooncup Changed My Life!

No literally, the mooncup has changed my life! Let me explain how…

What is the Mooncup?

Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup which can be reused for years!

Mooncup® is the original, soft, medical-grade silicone menstrual cup designed by women as the convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads – find out more on their website https://www.mooncup.co.uk

For as long as I’ve known I’ve had very very bad periods – periods that would last 7-8 days and would be very painful and heavy to the point I would have to change my tampon every 2-3 hours and still wear a pad incase of any leakages! At night I would wear two night time pads and two pairs of knickers just to make sure that I didn’t leak.

At university I was diagnosed with PCOS – for any of you that are not sure what this is it stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and is a common condition that affects how a woman’s ovaries work.

My symptoms were irregular and heavy periods, oily skin and acne, there are other symptoms too but I suffered mainly from these 3. I remember I was so upset when the doctor told me about this condition as he also informed me it may be hard for me to have kids but my God is real and that’s why he blessed me with such a beautiful baby boy!

Anyway I’ve always dreaded my time of the month (as we all do I’m sure), but mine was always so bad because the pains were horrendous and it just made me feel so useless for at least 5 days! The GP just advised me to go on the pill and then overdosed me with all these different medicines to reduce the pain and the control the bleeding. I used that for a couple of years but after loosing my beautiful friend Nisi to Cancer I decided to come off the pill and stop taking all these tablets.

I started realising I’m doing more harm to my body than good, they don’t tell us that some of these pills and meds are actual contributing factors to people dying so young of cancer! Why?!

When I was pregnant I was excited because it meant no periods for at least a year! Yay! But once those periods returned, mate, everything was WORSE! Of course it would be though my body is readjusting itself back to its normal state to before I had a baby, and although the pains were unbearable I refused to take any tablets or go on any pill.

My cousin had always told me about the mooncup but I was sceptical, my first period came when Jeremiah was just 3 months so imagine looking after a baby while being in excruciating pain?! Yeah I wasn’t ready, so I went to Boots and purchased my very first mooncup! They came in two sizes:

Size A – For people over 30 and for all those that have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

Size B – Recommended got those under 30 and those who have not given birth vaginally.

As you know I had a C Section (traumatic experience) and I’m under 30 so size B was what I went for.

I won’t lie the thought of inserting the mooncup made me cringe, and it was very tricky the past couple of times! BUT after two periods I’ve finally got the hang of it and I can honestly say I have NO period pains and now my periods last about 4-5 days!

Unlike a tampon which soaks up your menstrual cycle, the mooncup collects it as it sits lower in your vagina than a tampon.

I have to be honest I’ve not had to change it in a public place yet, I’ve always been in the comfort of my own home, but it is very easy to remove, clean and put back in. I always remove, pour the contents in the toilet then wash mine out with warm/hot water then replace and in the mornings I tend to insert it while in the shower (that’s just my preference).

At night I will wear a pad just to protect myself of any leakages, but so far so good!

It is advised to not leave it in for more than 8 hours I will always try and remove it every 4-6 hours though.

Honestly the Mooncup is so much more cost effective, it’s healthier and my testimony is here: NO MORE BAD PERIODS! I’ve gone through my last period with ease!

There are other menstrual cup makes, but I personally use Mooncup and purchased mine from Boots for about £20. You can also order it online and get it delivered so why not make that big switch and purchase yourself a Mooncup 😜 (Thank me later!) – https://www.mooncup.co.uk/select-your-country/

If you do purchase one please do message me and let me know how you felt making the big switch!

Photos: From the @Mooncupltd Instagram page

A Breastfeeding Mama On Holiday!

I won’t lie, this post has been long long overdue!

You know when you get a minute to yourself but you just can’t find the motivation to write or your to do list is just sky high and writing a blog post is the last thing on your mind? Yeah that!

Anyway better late than never ey?

So this blog post is basically to share my thoughts on how it was travelling for the first time having a baby, WITHOUT my baby!

Me and hubby love a quick trip to Amsterdam, why not? It’s cheap, local and fun hehe. So we promised ourselves we would go once we had settled into parenthood and booked a quick cheap trip for a few days.

The thought of leaving my baby was giving me heart palpitations, I’m comfortable leaving my son with my mum but the thought of leaving him for 3 nights was making me so anxious. My son is literally my best friend, I love him so much and I can be a bit over protective but the trip was very much needed!

So off we were to Amsterdam, my mum had to ready herself for 3 nights and 3 days of being a mum again (which she has not experienced in over 20 something years so I had to mentally prepare her). Don’t get me wrong, my son is easy to look after, he’s a calm baby, well behaved, he can wake up once or twice a night so kiss those nights goodbye! But looking after him is chilled as long as he’s well fed as he’s a hungry boy! (I heard all boys are like this?)

When I dropped him off the night before we flew out I felt so sad, it was only 3 days so why was I getting so upset?

As mothers it is so so important that we have time for ourselves, and also for your relationship! It’s so easy to forget about yourself and your partner, but that’s why I always encourage mums to go on a date night, or out with friends, and it’s good to at least go on one short trip without the baby to just relax and clear your head.

Sleep is so so important, but obviously when you have a baby those long uninterrupted nights go out of the window!

Anyway back to my trip, I found myself looking at my photos of my son that were on my phone constantly because I missed him so much, but then I had to remind myself this trip is for me, it’s for hubby too let me just enjoy!

I would FaceTime my mum every time I got a chance so I was always seeing him which gave me some reassurance. (Thank God for technology ey?)

Being a breastfeeding mama is what made my trip a little bit tedious, where I was not feeding I had to make sure I was expressing at least three times a day! Now you know how tedious it can be expressing, even with an electric pump, but it was essential to ensure my milk supply didn’t stop! The sad thing was I had to pump and dump!! Imagine throwing away all that liquid gold? Reason why I had to do this was because although I had a fridge where I was staying, I couldn’t refrigerate it, take it out, put it in my suitcase and bring it back then refrigerate it again!

Also as I only had hand luggage I wasn’t sure how it would work as my milk was over 100ml and I know you cannot carry liquids more than that in your luggage? (If anyone has tips or advice on this please please comment below).

My trip was fun! I went with great people, the weather was absolutely beautiful and it allowed me to just clear my head, relax, explore and rejuvenate!

Next trip will Defo be with bubba though! He needs to explore the world, so if anybody has any ideas or where we could go please do comment below.

I look forward to our first holiday with Jeremiah; if you can suggest any family friendly destinations please let me know x

For All The Breastfeeding Mamas – My Nipper & Co Review

Yes I know people it’s been a long time, forgive me, I’m trying to juggle being a Mummy, a mumpreneur and still have a life! Yes it is possible it’s just about balance!

For all of you who are unaware of Nipper & Co, they are a Brand who make teas to help breastfeeding mamas like myself. Now if you read my blog ‘How Boobix Increased My Supply’ you will know that I’ve been eating these H’AMAZINGGGG cookies that have been helping my supply.

Now, being a Mummy you realise it’s really not about you anymore! You’re main concern is to get baby dressed and fed and to leave ON TIME! But sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan, you could be in your best attire and baby could decide to vomit all over you and THEM! So you BOTH have to change! I know you can relate! And in all of that madness, you forget about yourself and then forget to eat! So Boobix is perfect for a on the go snack.

Anyway moving back to the topic, when Nipper & Co contacted me to try these beautiful teas I was more than happy as I knew a nice cuppa with a Boobix cookie really ends the night well (this is actually my favourite part of the day, how sad lol).

They sent me two types;

– Organic Mums Milk


– Organic Sip ‘n’ Snore

Now ‘Organic Mums Milk’ is perfect to start your day as you try to feed baby and get him ready while making sure you leave with the same pair of shoes on and pack everything for his baby bag in 20 minutes! You can fit in a couple sips here and there and still finish the cup! (I will try and fit in a couple of these a day).

Then we have ‘Organic Sip ‘n’ Snore’ which I would drink when I’m ready to wind down and baby has had a bath, some milk and is FAST asleep! It helps you to sleep soundly with the help of Chamomile.

Each tea bag is handmade in the UK and is certified organic! Ingredients include Chamomile, Elderflower, Fenugreek and Thyme- all ingredients which assist in the milk flow and supports lactation in breastfeeding mums.

I really enjoyed these teas over the week and it definitely helped my supply as I had a super busy week! I really do enjoy breastfeeding (although I am combined feeding too), it brings such a beautiful connection with my bubba and I will try and breastfeed for as long as possible!

For more information on Nipper & Co the speciality tea for growing families check out their website https://www.nipperandco.co.uk/ .

Ending my blog post I just want to remind all of you Mummies that you are doing a GREAT job, motherhood is NOT easy but it’s not a lonely ride either. As sisters we are all hear to support one another, never feel like you have to go through something alone!

Which reminds me, I have my ‘Mummy Fitness Fun’ class every Wednesday that I created to meet new mums, network, get fit AND have fun with it! Class takes place every Wednesday at 7pm, for more details drop me an email – info@gabriellemovementgroup.com.

Till next time x

Life Should Not Have To Stop….

Life shouldn’t stop once you become a Mummy!

Yes things will change, it’s inevitable – it’s not just about you anymore you actually have a little human being who depends on your for EVERYTHING and this will be life for the next 16-18 years! Sounds scary right? Don’t let it be!

I’m so used to being a little selfish as I am my mum and dads only child so I never really had anyone else to worry about just myself so when I found out I was having a baby it did scare me – I had no idea what to do as a Mummy!

I had never changed a nappy before, I hadn’t really fed a baby yet looked after a baby! But it came so naturally to me – they were right when they said being a mum comes so naturally.

The moment I held my son I immediately felt this bond and a love I had never felt before! He was absolute perfection to me and still is!

For the first 8 weeks I didn’t want to let him out of my sight! I wanted to hold him and kiss him every second, but then I had to take a moment to realise he’s not going anywhere! And I do need to get on with my life! As much as I would love to be a stay at home mum it’s not possible!

I can’t sit still, I have so many goals I need to reach and reaching these goals is a bonus for me and my family – when I win we ALL win!

So back to work I went and with the help of family and Jeremiah’s Godmother me and hubby have been able to go back to being creatives and working hard for Jeremiah and his future! Sometimes we would even take Jeremiah to work with us! When you have such a well behaved baby it’s actually possible!

Don’t get me wrong the moment I leave him I miss him soooo much – I miss his smile and the sloppy kisses he tries to give me which is more of sucking my face lol.

Life shouldn’t stop when you become a Mummy and I’m sure all those mummies out there should know this too! Always make time for yourself and most importantly your partner and friends! Go out once in a while and let your hair down, enjoy life and have fun! Of course you want to be a Mummy but it’s soooo important to have some time to just recuperate and have a little break!

I make sure me and hubby always do something once in a while, maybe cinema, breakfast dates, even just Time at home to sleep (as we don’t really get a full nights sleep anymore). We also have a few holidays in the pipeline too!

One thing I have noticed while being a mum is not everyone will understand your new situation and it’s actually okay! I’ve had times where I felt left out because I’m a mum and can’t do things I used to do, or because people assume I can’t come places now I’m a Mummy – but I’ve learnt to not take it personally.

People also think I’m not capable of working to a certain level, if anything I know I can exceed what clients may expect from me, and that’s not even me being cocky I’m just confident and know I can do a good job!

I wouldn’t change my new life for ANYTHING or ANYONE!

Being a Mummy has changed me for the better, I’m working even harder than I ever have and it’s all for my family!

I thank God for my family, and for all the blessings he has given us over the past two years! When I tell you let go and let God – I really mean it! He works in ways you wouldn’t even realise!

Keeping Fit While Being A Mummy…

DISCLAIMER- I’m not a personal trainer! Just someone who likes to keep fit and have fun with it!

Firstly, mummy’s please please don’t feel pressured to get your pre pregnancy body back so quickly! Your body literally went through some serious trauma, and changed dramatically to accommodate that beautiful baby or babies you gave birth too!

Did you see how amazing your body was and the way it literally transformed while you were pregnant? Yeah YOU did that!!

So this post is just for a little reassurance that with some patience everything will be okay, but also a post to motivate you too! Here are MY 5 tips to keeping fit and healthy:

1) Listen to your body, if it’s telling you it’s not ready DO NOT OVERDO IT! I would always advise getting the green light from your health visitor/GP before going back to the gym.

For people like myself who had to have a c-section, we are probably not going to get back to our full strength for probably about a year (a c-section is basically major surgery!). So when going back to fitness you need to go back to basics!

2) Start slowly! I’ve started going back to the gym but no way will I be able to do the heavy weights the I used to do for a very long time! (breaks my heart, but I know I will get there eventually). Instead I’ve started with a little cardio to get my heart pumping and my body used to getting in some exercise, and I’ve also incorporated light weighted exercises into my workout. I would just do more reps to get the full effect instead of a higher weight and less reps.

3) Eat smart! Yes it’s so easy to pick up a pack of biscuits or a packet of crisps to accommodate you while you are at home, maybe during one of your babies breastfeeding intervals, or maybe as a cheeky snack to make up for Not cooking and just filling your stomach with something quick and easy because you didn’t have time to cook? We all do it! But I would really advise preparing ahead, maybe one day ask a friend, your mum, partner to help you look after your child while you food prep for the week. Make a weeks worth of food (healthy meals) and stock them in the fridge or freezer so you can just warm them up when you are hungry! Also when you want to snack how about snacking on some fruits? Maybe even a smoothie? Or a packet of nuts? There are so many alternatives that can tickle your cravings but are also healthy!

4) If you can’t get to the gym workout at home! If you follow me on social media (if you don’t do it now – @Gabrielle_Music on Instagram) you will see we LOVE music in our house. Music means dancing! So every single day we dance for at least 15 minutes! That’s a cardio session in itself! So turn on the music, blast the speakers and spend at least 15 mins a day dancing!

5) Do home workouts, I invested in a yoga mat and I put on my gym clothes and just make sure I do a quick home workout. Get your babies involved too – you do not need to leave them out! That way you have NO excuse! You don’t need to leave your house, pay for a gym membership or even have to think of childcare to work out! YouTube is your best friend, if you don’t know where to start with home workouts, slap on a YouTube workout video!

So there you go mummies! Just a little advice for you to get fit and have fun with it! Remember everybody is different, don’t compare yourself to anybody, and take each step at a time. Patience and motivation is needed – perseverance to get to that goal is a definite too! Don’t let anybody be your “body goals” be your own person and focus on yourself!

Wishing you all the best with your journeys and do follow me on Instagram as I will be making an announcement for all you yummy mummy’s very soon!

Thanks for taking time to read this x

How Boobbix Increased My Milk Supply | Review

I remember when I was pregnant I was adamant that I would breastfeed solely for at least 6 months!

Breastmilk is a complete food. It contains at least 400 nutrients, as well as hormones and disease-fighting compounds, that aren’t present in formula milk. Its nutritional makeup even adjusts to your baby’s needs as he/she grows.

Babies who are exclusively breastfed from birth are also much less likely to be ill in their first year of life.

ALSOOOOO it helps you loose weight as you are burning at least 300 calories a day! Easy way to shed that baby weight.

This is why they always say “Breast is best”, which I totally agree with! But what do you do when you actually cannot produce any milk?!

I didn’t even think it was possible but it definitely is, because I’ve experienced it and it was one of the most traumatic experiences being a new Mummy. I loved the closeness I had with my son when I would feed him – and just knowing that I was providing him with the best nutrients possible (and it’s all natural).

First thing people would ask when I said I couldn’t produce any more milk “Are you stressed?

“Well no I’m not, my son is such a good boy, yes I’ve not had a full 8 hours sleep in so long but I’m not stressed at all!”

“Are you drinking and eating enough?”

“Mate do I stop eating and drinking? I need as much energy as I can to stay awake and work and be a mumpreneur so of course I’m consuming enough food and drink”

I remember when I first realised my milk supply was dropping, I’ve never really had the biggest boobs (definitely part of the itty bitty crew and yes I love it lol), but once my son was born I’m sure I increased at LEAST to bra sizes! It was fun having fuller breasts, but wow it was very painful!

I would wake up with such hard breasts because my milk supply was just so much, expressing had become my best friend! I had to change my breasts pads at least twice a day because I was constantly leaking. The funniest part would be when I was getting ready to feed my son, or when he would pull off my breast and milk would spray out LOOOL! Anybody else experienced that?

Then all of a sudden that all ended! When it all stopped I kept blaming myself, and although I had introduced formula into feeding (a bottle at night so he would be more full and sleep longer), I didn’t expect him to have to depend on the formula so much!

Well God is good! Because he introduced to mummy’s who I now call my sisters, and after telling my friend about my issue she suggested I try the Boobibx cookies and gave me a free sample.

She provides them in her ‘Mums and Tea Breastfeeding Mama Pamper Box’ – get yours here – https://www.mumsandtea.com/

Such a perfect gift!

After receiving the sample, I was then contacted by the owner of Boobbix who sent me a free box to try also.

Firstly, what a God send these cookies have been! Not only do they taste absolutely amazing, but they are very healthy and good option to snack on as they are full of fibre – which is great for a healthy diet.

I saw a dramatic increase in my milk supply and went from being able to breastfeed my son maybe once a day, to breastfeeding him three times a days and also able to express in between to ensure I was constantly producing milk.

They come in four different scrumptious flavours too:

– Chocolate Chip and Oat

– Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip

– Oatmeal and Raisin

– Cranberry and Oatmeal

Boobbix are Lactation Cookies are cookies that contain galactagogues, or ingredients, that can help maintain or increase your breast milk supply.

Boobbix cookies are packed full of vitamins and minerals, including fibre, iron, calcium, protein and Omega 3. They are made using mostly free-range and organic ingredients.

It’s inevitable that when you have a baby and you breastfeed you want to snack to refuel and maintain, so it’s guilt free when you want to snack on a cookie!

Make sure you purchase your own here – https://www.boobbix.co.uk/products/chocolate-chip-oat-cookies

I’m so happy I’m able to breastfeed my son again, it brings me so much happiness as I’m able to have that closeness with him again.

So to the new mummy’s and soon to be mummy’s this is your go too!

Thank me later! x