I don’t mean to be bossy! 

Hey people! I know I know it’s been a long time, but when life slaps you in the face what can you really do about it? Not that I’m complaining, everyday I’m grateful for waking up! God is good. Say AMEN! 

This blog post is a weird one. It’s something I’ve been trying to deal with of recent. 

I had to ask myself “Am I Bossy?” Or do I have some sort of mental problem that makes me feel like I’m going mad? 

I tried to google “someone that likes order and routine” and it basically said I was bossy! I wouldn’t say I’m bossy?? I don’t like telling people what to do (although sometimes that it is my job role), but one thing I do like is order and things done a particular way. 

If you found something a certain way and you use it, all I ask is that you put it back the way you found it. If I get annoyed when that doesn’t happen does that make me bossy? 

Of recent I’ve felt like I’ve had to refrain from even opening my mouth incase I come across as a weirdo or bossy! I hate drawers and cupboards being left open, like it proper gets to me! (Does that make me a weirdo?) Instead of me to now say “Please can you close that?” I will just get up and do it myself in the fear of being bossy! 

Another thing that gets to me, when my hangers and clothes don’t face the right way (okay I’m sure you guys are thinking I’m definetly a weirdo now, feel free to stop reading lol). I honestly can’t stand that! I’m someone who needs order and organisation in my life! I need to know where everything is so when I need it I’m not searching frantically for it! 

I’m a bit of a hygiene freak too, I feel like I always have to wash my hands or use antibacterial cleaner stuff before I touch anything I’m about to eat. 

I can’t stand odd numbers oh my gosh! Turn up the volume on the TV or on a stereo, all I ask is that you leave it on an even number otherwise I start getting agitated.

Listen my list could go on, but I think I just needed to release by writing this blog post.

Does anyone else deal with this? Because sometimes it gets me so emotional I actually start questioning my behaviour. Do I have some form of OCD or what? 

From here on I’m learning to deal with who I am, this is the way I am. I suppose it’s not a bad thing sometimes because it’s helped me in my life, it’s rare I forget to do things, or don’t know where something is because I’ve programmed some sort of order in my head already. 

I suppose it’s just how I deal with certain things that can help me move forward from this. 

Bit of a rant as a lay wide awake at 1.47am just thinking about my weirdish behaviour. 

Anyway I have so much to talk about, this year is going to change so much and I’m super excited to share it with you guys! 

If anyone goes through what I go through let’s connect drop me a comment or find me on social media: @Gabrielle_Music. 

Till next time. Ciao x