Each Day Is A New Day 

Today was a random random day, I didn’t wake up with positivity and happiness as I usually do, instead I woke up with a dark cloud over my head with so much anger, anxiety and negativity. 

“What is going on Gabrielle?” I kept asking myself! 

I was angry as I sat there wondering why people or should I say “friends” don’t support what I do. I sat there anxious as I thought about all the preparation I need to do to make sure Nisi’s event goes according to plan. Do you know how hard it is to plan an event in remembrance of a friend??!! I also sat there full of negativity as another person let me down!

All these horrible emotions started off my day so badly, which then kept going downhill. 

They say “your mood from when you wake up will effect the rest of your day”. So obviously if you wake up positively you will have a great day, but if you wake up with negative feelings then your day will go badly. Whoever told me that (I honestly can’t remember but it’s a wise quote), really was speaking the truth. 

I had to quickly snap out of it, as I do every morning I turn to my bible app and today’s message was something I really could relate too. Let me share it with you: 

“Every single day is filled with all kinds of situations that could upset you, things like losing your car keys or getting caught in a traffic jam. But you can choose to be at peace and in control in the midst of them.”

Why was I allowing situations to control my feelings? Why was I allowing other people to control how I feel? Am I a TV remote control? NOPE! 

Then it got me thinking, you know what it’s okay if “friends” don’t support, it taught me to keep them at a distance and not to share my success with them. 

I didn’t need to feel anxious about Nisi’s event, if 5 people come it’s fine, I know deep down I worked hard and my angel will be smiling down on me and she will be so grateful for all I did! 

I didn’t need to feel any negative vibes because someone let me down, it’s ok!! It just teaches me to be prepared and to not depend so much on someone to help me out. 

As usual I’m going on a bit too much, but I feel my blog is the only way to channel and express how I feel. I love writing and I’m really bad at opening up and sharing my emotions. I also want to write this just incase someone is going through what I am, hopefully I can shed some positivity on you. 

We are human it’s okay to feel down sometimes, but these emotions should be temporary, don’t let these negative emotions consume your soul and effect the rest of your day! 

As I write this I feel a HUGE sense of relief and I just want to say thank you for reading this far. 

Each day is a new day, don’t let yesterday’s worries consumes today’s thoughts! 

Ciao x 


Remembering Nisi

As I write this I sit on a plane, 37,000ft above the ground, currently flying over the Alps, it’s so beautiful! As I watch the plane move closer and closer to my destination (Crete, Greece) I thank God for giving me the blessing to continue travelling the world. Something I knew Nisi wanted to do when she was better. 
God had other plans for her. 

In memory of my beautiful friend I am putting on a music showcase. Nisi LOVED music, I remember the days I would go to her house and we would just watch YouTube videos for hours, particularly Afrobeats and dance! 

Oh how I miss those days! 

The music showcase will take place on Tuesday 29th November, at Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch at 7pm! 

The night will be to celebrate her life and her love for music. She was such a huge fan of Mista Silva, so it was only right he was on the line up. I know how much Nisi wanted to see him perform! 

I remember a show I help put on for Mista Silva in March, I really wanted her to come and made sure I put her on the guest list, but the chemo had started by then and slowly she was getting weaker so she wasn’t able to come. 

Well, I hope she will be watching from heaven as he performs in her memory and smiles with the goofy smile of hers in pure excitement.

All money raised on the night will be donated to Cancer Research and to Nisi’s family. 

Cancer is NOT a joke, we need to be aware of how serious it is and how quickly it could potentially take away our loved ones.

I don’t want the night to be sad, but to simply celebrate her life and thank God for our lives and the talents he blessed us with.

My amazing friends in the music industry have helped me make this happen by agreeing to be on the line up:

Acts on the night will include: 

Fola, Aina More and Mista Silva (more acts to be confirmed shortly)

DJs on the night will include: 

DJ Matthews, DJ Special D, DJ FYO and DJ Selecta Maestro.

Tickets are £10 and can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/remembering-nisi-tickets-28563542324?aff=eiosprexshreclip&ref=eiosprexshreclip

I really hope you guys will be able to join me on this evening to celebrate Nisi and help raise awareness for Cancer.

God bless you x 

Feeling Blessed! 

Wow! Wow! Wow! 

I’m still in so much shock two days after my birthday. I honestly had the BEST birthday EVER and I really do mean it. 

I felt like an absolute Queen the whole weekend, and I cannot stop thanking God for the people in my life that he blessed me with me.

As you know, I started writing this blog as I wanted to channel my emotions somehow. Loosing a good friend changed me and I was scared that I was loosing myself, loosing my drive, loosing my mind. But writing this blog has really helped me come back to my normal state and I love the fact I can share my journey with you guys! 

My birthday was real special, I was surrounded by some truly amazing people, each who have individually played a part in my journey and continue to motivate and push me. 

Laughter turnt to tears as four of my closest surprised me with a huge huge gift! As I opened my birthday card, tears dropped from my eyes, the kind words, the relatable bible quotes, the love just made me sob. 

Now the card contained an envelope, an envelope that has and will honestly change my life: a flight to New York City to attend Yandy Smith’s event, wait for it, with VIP Meet and Greet! 

Now if you know me you will understand why this gift bought me to tears, uncontrollable tears as I wept tears of joy, shock and gratitude. 

I strive to be the best, and as I embark on this journey I follow a lady’s footsteps called Yandy Smith (google her if you are unaware) and I inspire to be a BOSS just like her! I’ve always wanted to meet her and now I FINALLY get that chance! 

This journey called life will never be easy, we will come across a few bumps, but it’s the way we deal with them, and the people we have around us they make us  who we are today. 

My friends and family mean the WORLD to me! Honestly words can’t explain how blessed I am to have people who encourage me, motivate me, support me, pray for me and love me. 

Me, Isaac & Michelle

Lekan, Michelle, Chisola and Myra, GOD BLESS YOU! I honestly don’t know how I will ever show you how much I appreciate this gift. But this is my way of saying THANK YOU!

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up” Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

New Chapter! 

Sooooo today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee. 

Usually I don’t get excited about my birthday as I realise I’m getting older, and time is ticking, but this year I’m honestly excited. 

Being 27 is not a joke, I’m 3 years away from the big 30! (Covers eyes) However, my age will not define me, especially when I look around 20 years old lol, and I honestly don’t think I will age just like my mama.

Would have loved Nisi to be here and celebrate as we do, but I will make sure I do this year as I realised how short lived life can be. 

I vow to embrace turning a year older, and see it as me growing older, wiser and more successful. I’ve seen growth, strength and happiness increase this year and I honestly cannot wait for the journey ahead. 

Each day I learn something new about myself, I’m not perfect but I always try and better myself and work harder to reach my goals. Each day I also try and grow closer to God, because without him I wouldn’t be living the life I live now. 

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen” (2 Peter 3:18) 
Things are about to switch it! I’m ready to work harder than ever, so when I reflect back next year I will see the growth and accomplishments I have achieved. I want to be in a bigger and better place by the age of 28. I claim it! 

With that being said this will be a short post just to reflect and give thanks to all of you that have been on my journey this far. 

Thank You!

The Countdown….

As my birthday draws nearer, I sit back and reflect on the year that has passed.

What have I achieved? What could I have done better? What new things did I do? 

This time last year I never imagined the amount of travelling I would do. I have travelled every month since my birthday and it has been eventful! 

I have experienced things that I never imagined, met friends that I felt I have known for a lifetime, lost friends who I ‘thought’ would be here forever, and been to places I never thought I would visit. 

However, although we should celebrate life, as I get older, I dread my birthday more and more, the fact that I’m getting older scares me, but why should it? I can’t be 21 forever ey? 😉

As I draw closer to the 30 mark, I’m getting ready to start a new adventure! I want to travel even more, far and beyond, and do more exciting things. 

The past few months have been tough, won’t go into much detail, but it taught me that not everyone on this earth is going to approve of you or like you, but it’s okay! Live life and enjoy! 

Why should their approval of you determine your life?? It really shouldn’t, they will go to bed happy at night but you are there loosing sleep wondering why this one person, or these people don’t like you. For what? 

As cliché as it sounds we need to live our lives like it’s our last day on Earth! Tomorrow is not promised to anybody, so why are you scared to take that leap of faith? 

As I grow older, I grow more mature, I gain more confidence and I care less about anybody’s opinion of me! I am me, and because of that I am where I am today. We all have our skeletons in our closets (some have theirs out in the open), but one thing I know is that nobody is perfect! 

To live a happy and care free life, embrace who you are and DO YOU!  Don’t judge, don’t discriminate, just embrace the gift of life! Some people go to sleep and don’t wake up, but you here today, alive and breathing and reading my blog 🙂 

Before I babble on, because I can do that sometimes and go off topic, I just want to say I am very grateful for all of those that have played a positive and negative impact on my life. I am me because of all my life experiences and I am happy! 

September was a very bad month, but I refuse to let that stop me from celebrating the fact that I wake up each day so I can live my dream (to be the next Yandy Smith).

Roll on the birthday celebrations! Looking forward to spending time and enjoying with all my loved ones! 

Stay posted for my birthday celebration blog! Can’t wait to share with you all! 🎉

21 forever! (simply because I look it 😝) 

Ciao x