Post Pregnancy Body Blues

To all my mummy’s out there – don’t let these celebrities fool you when they show how quick they shed their baby weight. Most of them have fake bodies anyway and result to surgery to look good for the gram. Never let them be your idol and think you need to look anything like them to have confidence in yourself.

Summer 2016

Before I had a baby I was so confident with my figure, to be honest I’ve been blessed I never really needed to go gym but I did go so I could feel good and to keep fit. Being an active child from the age of four I naturally had a sporty figure and it didn’t really take much to maintain it. I could eat whatever I liked and it would never show (we thank God!)

I took part in swimming, gymnastics, dance and athletics till I was about 18 and just remained fit up until my last month of pregnancy.

Fast forward to 6 weeks post pregnancy and I can’t lie I’m not really feeling myself. Yes I’ve lost majority of my baby weight, but I’m soooo far away from where I was before and where I want to be. One thing I had to tell myself is that it’s actually okay to look the way I do right now – I’ve carried a baby for nine months and my body did a whole lot of changing it’s inevitable that it’s going to take some time to get back to normal. But I do have those days where I look at my pre pregnancy body and keep wishing I looked like that.

Until I get the go ahead from my GP at my 6 week post pregnancy check up I’ve not been able to go back to the gym, but I do some light exercises at home with the baby which do keep me feeling like I’m doing something to help get my figure back.

I loved my pregnancy body it was beautiful knowing how the body can change so dramatically because it is preparing for the life of a new being and I love him sooooo much now he’s here so all of the 9 months was sooooo worth it. The stretch marks, the big granny knickers I had to wear during pregnancy (and after!) the big leaky boobs I have now, the belly that just doesn’t look flat anymore, the list goes on !

To all my sisters reading this who have had babies, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get your body back straight away, but what I can say is look after your body remember it’s your temple! Don’t expect it to go back to normal if you are not willing to make a change in your lifestyle through your diet and fitness.

Soon I will be starting my fitness journey again and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

My last peace of advice for you beautiful people – Love yourself first otherwise no one else can!


Full Time Mummy Vs Going Back To Work!

So guys it’s been 5 weeks 2 days of me being a mummy (yes I am that saddo that counts everyday of motherhood!)

I remember when I was pregnant I didn’t want to stop working, 36 weeks pregnant and I was still running around putting on events, I think I worked on the biggest event of my career while carrying my big load (and wearing my heels!). It was just so rewarding and I loved being an active Mummy! I felt and looked good (if I may say so myself).

Since giving birth all that I can think about is being a Mummy. The sleepless nights, the sick all over your clothes, changing nappies and playtime, it’s all such a beautiful thing and I love every single second, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Even while writing the blog post I’m breastfeeding (the art of multitasking!)

Yes I’ve had my reservations about going back to work, but being an entrepreneur means no work, no income. Now with rent to pay and a baby to look after – that really wouldn’t be a good idea would it? But am I going back to work for the money? Or am I going back because I miss it?

My passion for certain avenues in my career have totally changed, I question my career path these days, do I still want to be a talent Manager? Do I want to focus more on project Management? Do I want to get a normal job and work a 9-5? Only time will tell which career path I decide to focus on and whether it’s the right choice, but what I do know is that I DO NOT want to get a normal job! I want to be able to be with my son as much as possible, see him grow, be there when he says his first word, smiles for the first time, rolls over – all the milestones are endless!

I’ve managed to be an entrepreneur for the last 3 and a half years so what’s stopping me now? Being a Mummy makes me want to work even harder to make sure I can provide for our family and make sure our son gets everything he wants, I never want to lack! So what am I doing from here you may ask?

Well I’ve decided I’m going to go back to work this month! I want to focus More on the project Management side and it seems that is where my passion and skills lie. I have the best team, and working in this industry means I can work mostly from home while also working on set a few times a month, and getting paid! This means I only have to leave little man with my mum on the days I’m shooting. It’s also a bonus because I get to work with my life partner as we are in this team TOGETHER!

Who would have known I would be questioning my career path of talent management after so many years? But becoming a Mummy made me understand that I have more responsibilities now, I need to do what’s best for me, what’s best for US!

It’s okay to want to start a new career, it’s also okay to just want to be a full time Mummy too. The most important thing is that you are happy with whatever decision you make and that it is beneficial for you and your family!

I wake every morning excited to spend a new day with my baby boy – why would I want to miss out on any of these beautiful moments?

With February amongst us now, a new month, and a new start, I’m ready to go back to work and I’m also ready to get back into the gym and be the best version of me!

More posts coming with my update of going back to work as a Mummy and getting back into my fitness regime, so make sure you follow my blog to stay up to date with everything.

Thank you for supporting me this far! Much love guys x

They grow so quickly…!

“They grow so quickly”… people with kids always used to say this but I could never relate! Now I can!

Four weeks ago I was in the most agonising pain as I went through my 72 hour labour which the resulted in my beautiful baby boy! Now today I look at him and how much he’s grown and how quick the days have passed, I can’t believe he’s 4 weeks old already!

What an amazing 4 weeks it has been! It’s been emotional, scary, fun and full of love. I can’t believe I’m a Mummy still, sometimes I stare at my baby Boy and I’m in awe of his beauty! His dark chocolate skin, his smile, his cute little hands and feet – thank you Lord! I praise him everyday for this beautiful gift and for my amazing family!

If I say the past 4 weeks have been smooth sailing I would be lying, but what I can say is that it has been an unforgettable experience! Learning how to be a mum has been so challenging, there have been days where I have cried, there have been nights I have not slept, and sometimes I would sit there and wonder if I will ever be a good Mummy?

What I can say is that this is totally normal! It’s not about you anymore, it’s about you and a vulnerable little baby, who is depending on YOU! You are bound to have these thoughts! You may not get it right the first time, but it’s all about trial and error, because there really is no handbook to be a mum!

Without my mum and amazing partner I wouldn’t have been able to get through the phase of baby blues so quickly. The two of them have helped me through and showed me that I am an amazing Mummy to my baby boy!

God knows how much I appreciate them and how thankful I am to have all this continued support from them.

Thank you Lex for staying up and feeding bubba when I’m too tired or for letting me have some me time and making sure his nappies are changed or he is always settled. You have been the best life partner throughout this whole journey and still continue to be my rock. When God sent you to me I knew it was me and you forever and our son has the best role model to look up too!

I can’t wait to see our baby boy grow into a man, he truly is a blessing and this journey we have just started is going to be just perfect!

For all the mummies out there you really are superwomen! (Especially the single mums – wow my hat goes off to you!) Ladies you carried a baby for nine months and continue to nurture and care for your babies, that in itself is hard work so never ever think you are not capable!

Daddy’s – we cannot forget you! For all the dads out there who look after their kids and support their partners well done to you too! It’s not easy being a dad and learning all these new things, but you did it and continue to do it!

Looking forward to getting back to work too – this year is going to be EPIC! Everything I do from here on is for my family and I look forward to sharing with you all!

Thank you for reading my post x

Don’t Tell Me How To Be A Mummy!

“Get as much sleep as you can they said” – A message I will NEVER forget as I sit here at 5.29am feeding my new born hungry baby for his third wake up feed since midnight.

Yay I’m finally a mum! What a great way to start 2018! After an excruciating 72 hour labour, with a 13 day late baby, and a couple complications, my beautiful baby boy made his grand entrance at 9.51pm on 26th December 2017. All glory to the most high!

To make the day even more special, he managed to wriggle his way out just in time to share his bornday with his Daddy!

Double blessings! My two favourite boys are born on the SAME day! It was definitely worth the wait! (It just means that my Decembers are going to super expensive from here on *starts saving*)

I told myself this post would be raw, straight from the heart, no sugar coating, my personal way of venting out all the feelings that I have inside of me, things I’ve not been able to openly share. So apologies in advance for the long post, but writing is my therapy.

If I say the journey has been easy since his birth, I would be spitting you a whole lot of lies! It’s been the hardest journey I’ve encountered! My pregnancy was amazing, I loved every minute of it, if you followed my journey you would know that it’s been beautiful! I’ve stayed active and continued to work up until D Day!

But since his birth, I can honestly say I’ve never been so emotional in my life! I remember when I read about the baby blues, I told myself I wouldn’t fit into that category. Everyone said I would be moody and emotional during my pregnancy but I wasn’t, so why would this happen to me Post pregnancy?

“Baby blues are irregular mood changes that can start shortly before or anytime after childbirth, but usually set in between a week and a month after delivery and generally last for less than two weeks” (The Bump App)

Boy was I wrong! The past 9 days have been a rollercoaster ride, spending 4 days in hospital after baby’s arrival wasn’t the best way to start motherhood, but still I pushed through! I remember the day they discharged us and I could bring my beautiful baby boy home, I couldn’t describe the feeling, I was over the moon, so excited to finally start my journey as a Mummy. So what could possibly bring me down now?

I remember a piece of advice my cousin gave me. She said “people are always going to tell you how to look after your child, but don’t take it personally, you can choose to ignore them, at the end of the day it is YOUR child”.

It’s not been easy, I’ve had people trying to tell me what to do from left, right and centre and it’s been very upsetting! I won’t lie, at times it made me feel like I’m a rubbish mum, what do I know? I’ve never had a child before? I would cry and cry and ask myself what I’m doing wrong? Why won’t people just leave me be? I was so consumed by others opinions that I started doubting myself! Me? Doubt myself?

I was literally going against everything I stood for! I was going against what my blog portrays! Positivity, happiness and self belief! How can I turn a blind eye to what I live by?!

I’m really upset with myself that I allowed people opinions to get a hold of me, but NO MORE!

I look at my son every single day and just look at how absolutely perfect he is! Sometimes I cannot believe he is ours!!I carried him for almost 42 weeks and now he’s here, live in the flesh! This is a blessing from God! Who is anyone to take this happiness away from me?! This is a time of rejoice, thankfulness, joy! And from here on I promise myself to enjoy every single minute with my beautiful baby boy!

They make it look so easy being a mum, but it’s not! We are not super humans, so it is okay sometimes not to be okay, but always remember God in these situations! Talk to him ask him for support and guidance, don’t let the devil strip away a happiness that is rightfully YOURS!

To round of this post I just want to say a huge thank you to the most supportive partner I could ever ask for! Thank you for being by my side every single step of the way and dealing with all my emotional breakdowns! You’re truly perfect!

Also to my mum who’s helped me transition into becoming a Mummy, she really is my backbone and this journey has made me appreciate her EVEN more! People appreciate your mums, they are the real MVPs!

So here’s to a new journey of motherhood, a whole new spectrum of self belief and happiness! And a continued journey of faith and guidance!

I promise to be the best Mummy to you! I will NEVER fail you, I will do everything I can to make sure you live the perfect life!

Thank you for reading this post! It truly means a lot x

Why wait for a new year to make a change?

“New year, New me..” – I really dislike this term. Why are you waiting for a new year to start changing? What happened to no procrastinating?

I know the new year is appealing as we can start afresh and leave all the rubbish and negativity in the past, but why not just make the changes now? There’s no time like the present!

In my opinion, I prefer to get things done straight away, procrastination really irritates me, I think it’s a form of laziness and that’s why some people don’t succeed.

It’s kind of late, lying here, can’t sleep and this blog post title just came to my head, a little part of me said “Yeah wake up in the morning and write this post”, but then another said “what you waiting for? Write it down while it’s fresh in your mind”. So that’s what I’m doing – the procrastination almost kicked in but I didn’t allow it!

You don’t like the person you are, you don’t like the place you are at right now? You don’t feel certain people in your life? CHANGE IT! We have like two and a half weeks left of 2017, but I’m all about NOW! You should be too!

A prime example of change that I wanted to take action on NOW was “friends”. Taught myself a lot these past couple weeks. If you are not doing anything substantial in my life, you don’t motivate or support me, or maybe we don’t chat no more, maybe I’ve changed towards you? We actually cannot he friends. We are not fighting trust me, it just means I don’t feel you no more, we are just not meant to be friends. I don’t even need to explain myself to you, it is what is is. (This isn’t even an indirect, but if the shoe fits then maybe you are part of this change in my life).

I also wanted to get certain things done, I told myself there is no time like NOW, so I got it done, and I can truly say I’m happy I did because now I know I can enter the new year with these achievements and start with positivity.

I can honestly say 2017 has been GREAT to me! And that’s because I learnt the art of getting things done NOW! I’m so grateful and happy for the changes I made and the way God came through for me!

Why are you so scared to do things NOW? There’s no harm in having a plan for the future but it all has to start somewhere right? So let it be today! That idea you had – start executing it! That friend you’re not feeling no more because you think you guys are just not compatible – get rid of them! That car you’ve always wanted – start saving TODAY! Stop procrastinating and stop using the new year, new me line it’s boring!

Just thought I would write this as some of us need this wake up call. You will thank me later *kisses*.

With that being said, probably won’t blog again till the new year – I can see myself being very busy – so to all of you who read my blog and support me – thank you for hanging with me this year I hope my posts have motivated you in some way? Or given you that wake up call?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2018!

Much love x

The Last Hurdle…

Wow so I just realised it’s been almost TWO months since my last post… that’s so bad!

I have a valid excuse though… I’ve been WORKING!

They say your final trimester slows you down but I think I’ve been my most active – is that even normal?

I’ve put on events, shot a short film, been in a radio tour, project managed different projects – I’ve literally been non stop running around but it’s been so much fun! I had the most AMAZING baby shower too thanks to my loved ones! You would never hear me complain!

This journey has been beautiful, fulfilling, exciting and overwhelming, along the way I’ve realised who’s really been down for me and supported me through it all and honestly it’s been a breath of fresh air! I can start this new journey with a clean slate without certain people and actually be fine with it.

This last hurdle has been the hardest, if you know me you know I love to be organised but with this stage anything can literally happen when it likes and how it likes and that’s something I’m having to take in and embrace.

Gods timing and plan is always the best and I’m not even trying to dispute that at all so I’m remaining positive!

This post is more an appreciation post to say thank you to every single person that’s rocked with me along this journey – you know who you are!

Checking up on me, visiting me, sending us presents, praying for us, I honestly really appreciate it and I will NEVER forget! The past 9 months have been a learning curve and I thank God he allowed me to see through it all and I understand why he made the certain choices he did for me.

He’s blessed us abundantly and now I’m just waiting to start this new chapter, this new life, this new role and I’ve not been more excited about anything as much as I am right now!

As we grow things change, we loose friends, we loose money, maybe even loose our jobs! But every misfortune is always a blessing in disguise! Something great always comes out of it, although we may not see it immediately – trust me when you do you will be on your knees praising God for the blessings he’s showered you with (I know I have).

At the start of the year I was so worried and anxious – but I gave it all to God and didn’t allow the devil to take over my mind and pollute my head with fear, now I can honestly say I cannot wait to share our testimony with you guys in the near future!

So as I sign out, please keep me in your prayers – my next blog post (God willing) will be the start of a brand new journey!

Thank you for supporting my blog this far and please make sure you share with people! Hopefully this post can help someone?

Ciao x

We Can’t Expect Everyone To Act The Way We Do…

We can’t expect everyone to act the way we do… 

We can’t expect everyone to support! We can’t expect everyone to be understand! We can’t expect everyone to do the common sense things that YOU would do! 

This is not even a rant, or a dig at anybody, it’s merely just me thinking out loud after reflecting over my productive weekends! 

Selling out another show last weekend with the help of my loved ones was incredible – was so overwhelmed, but a little disappointment did touch my heart when I looked around the room and realised a few people I EXPECTED to be there – were NOT!

This wasn’t a rave or a link up – it was a cause close to my heart that I really wanted to share with my loved ones. I had to shake off that feeling ASAP and understand that – “We cannot expect people to act the way we do”. 

To be honest I was just grateful for the people that did come, even those I never expected! God bless you all! 
This journey has been GREAT! I can’t thank God enough, and yes on the outside I do look all happy and smiley, but there are days that I sit and ponder and then realise “my life will actually never ever be the same again!” 

I’m not complaining! No way! I’m too excited to complain, it’s more the fact that I will need to adjust very quickly and I’m hoping people around me will adjust too without taking my actions to heart. 

Sometimes I want to be alone, but sometimes I really do wish I had a close friend next to me who understands and is going through this whirlwind journey with me that I can speak too at any time of the day! 

Over the weekend I attended two AMAZING events, all focusing on entrepreneurship. One focused on black businesses, the other focused on mothers who were still grinding and hustling, both inspired me in their own unique way! 

The Mummy event really touched me as I met, and have now kept in contact with some AMAZING mums and mums to be! I’ve been sceptical about making new friends, but I realised maybe this is what I need. To be around more people that understand this journey and support you through the emotional ride. 

Don’t get me wrong I have the best friends ever – but these ladies understood my frustrations and stopped making me feel like I’m going mad over the pettiest things. 

We can’t expect everyone to have the same mindset as us, sometimes our common sense is not theirs – so simply brush it off and move on! Adapt to your situation! 

I’ve adapted by coming out of my comfort zone to learn and meet new people (in particularly mums and mums to be) – their lives mirror mine. This makes me feel better about myself knowing that I have ladies I can turn too for advice or simply just to meet up and chat with specially now that I have more time on my hands. 

Make new friends, these could be your new team of supporters! They could be your go too, and most importantly these people can help you when you didn’t even realise you needed help! 

This post was hella random but I just wanted to write down my thoughts and just reiterate that’s it okay to not be okay sometimes – but having a good support system around you is so important! 

I hope everyone has a blessed and productive week! 🙏🏾

Ciao x