Sleepless Nights, Random Thoughts

It’s finally come to that last hurdle of this beautiful journey! 
The stage I’ve been looking forward to, but at the same time dreading. Let me explain…

Majority of the year I’ve been carrying this beautiful human inside of me, and it gets more and more exciting as the weeks start getting closer. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU! I wonder who you will look like, will you have my hair? I bet you’re going to be a footballer or maybe a boxer because the way you kick and punch me, mate you’re bringing home a gold medal one day! He’s definitely going to be some sort of athlete though because mummy and daddy are! 

With the last hurdle – comes the insomnia, but at the same time the tiredness, the lack of breath, the back aches, the swollen feet, the heartburn. Not really that much fun, but all so worth it! 

The past week has been crazy, it’s like this baby doesn’t want me to sleep, when I want to sleep is when the full kicks and punches come to play. Why now please? I ask myself every time! So we lie there together, I massage you through my belly and sometimes we chat just to keep you calm so mummy can sleep. 

My mates with babies keep saying; “Make sure you get as much sleep as you can because once the baby comes you won’t get any”! With that I look at them and say “Thanks” (in my head I’m like, I know this already stop reminding me!!)

But how do I sleep when no position is comfortable? Or when I feel like the meal I ate 3hours ago is still sitting in my throat? How about the fact that I feel like baby is trying to show off his skills like he’s at a Manchester United football trial? 

Well simple answer is I don’t! But what I do do is embrace it, because soon I’m not going to have a bump to play with, or get the comments like “you look so good pregnant, you haven’t even put on weight” *flicks braids* 

My bump has been my best friend! I love knowing I’m carrying a human being who’s soon going to be my child and will call me mummy! 

I do get scared sometimes though, I want to be able to provide for you and never ever lack! I want to support you in ALL you do! I just want you to have the best life possible. 

There’s no time to waste now, no more favours, just straight dedication to make sure I’m ready for your arrival. I remind myself everytime, GODS GOT ME! 

As I lie here on my babymoon in France (my last holiday before baby comes), I thank God for this beautiful blessing! I honestly CANNOT wait to meet you! The love I have for you is already undescribable, YOU ARE BLESSED! 

Roll on the last hurdle! I’m ready for you! 

Thanks for reading such another random post lol. Till next time… 

Ciao x 


You Know My Name… Not My Story! 

You know my name… not my story! 

Some may know me as Gabrielle, or maybe Gabbie/Gabby/Gaby, perhaps Gabz or even in some cases Ga (for the family members lol), but just because you know my name doesn’t mean you know my life story. 

You may claim to know my life, but believe me YOU DON’T! I only share my stories with a close few, the others that claim to know me it’s all based on hear say. 

One thing I learnt today is that no matter what you do in life, people will ALWAYS talk about you (good and bad)! It’s sad to know that wherever you go your past will always creep up on you, but one positive thing I have taken out of that is if people are talking, it means you are doing something right! 

Easier said than done, but sometimes we need these people to keep us motivated, we need people to not believe in us to keep us grinding and proving everybody wrong! 

I know a lot of people didn’t think I would amount to anything after leaving school (probably still don’t), especially some annoying teachers :/ But, although I’ve not made it (one day I will), I definitely know I’ve worked hard enough for my name to be recognised within my field of work. 

I’ve got so much more to do to build my company to the stage I’ve always dreamed, but I know with persistence and drive I WILL get there! 

As I grow older I learn more, I’ve changed so much from that curious 15 year old, I’m a woman now, soon to be someone’s mother and a wife eventually, so why should things that happened over ten years reflect who I’ve moulded myself into today?! 

For anybody hiding from any demons from your past, don’t hide, face them head on! Own it! This is YOU! But never ever let it hinder your progress as you grow or make you feel less worthy because of mistakes you made in the past. 

Most importantly NEVER REGRET! – Allow the past to help you move forward and use this as a learning curve! 

On that note, I will end this blog post here. 

“Don’t let your past define your future self” 

Ciao x 

The journey so far… 

Hello beautiful people! Hope you are all well? 

I thought I would be blogging more but I’ve been so so busy, it’s so hard to actually find the time to stop and take a minute to talk to you all. I’m still working so much – this pregnancy has not stopped me! Apologies. 

It’s been an amazing few months, I feel so blessed and super excited and I honestly just want to thank God for my mum who is my rock! The most amazing mother I could ever ask for! Always giving me advice, reassuring me and spoiling my baby boy!! My partner who deals with my very few moods swings and just makes sure those swollen feet and back aches are dealt with. He never complains and is forever concerned about my wellbeing and our baby. To my beautiful girls who are my everything! The best friends anyone could ever ask for (Myra, Chiz, Mercy & Michelle) – they deal with my emotional self and know how to pick me up! 

Now everybody’s pregnancy journey is different, some love it, some loathe it, but nobody’s is EVER the same! 

So far I’ve loved every single minute of it, seeing how God works, feeling my little man kick me/punch me is the most surreal feeling ever and it makes me so grateful and super excited! 

The only thing that I’ve suffered with is the restless nights, now I’m usually a stomach sleeper but this has evidently become a myth now! Also you are not meant to lie on your back because it can effect the blood flow to baby. Which leaves only two other options – my right or left side :/ I really don’t like sleeping on my sides I find it so uncomfortable so during the night I find myself going from side to side to try and get comfortable but it never works. Most times I wake up more tired than I was when I fell asleep, but I remind myself that it’s all part of the beautiful journey!

A few weeks ago – bump is bigger now 🙊

Another thing I’m dealing with is really bad back pain!! Now if you know me, you will know I’ve always had back pains but now I’m feeling it more and more which can be a huge pain! I try and relieve this but using my yoga ball to exercise, by going for a walk or just getting the hubs to give me a well deserved massage 🙊 

I’ve recently signed up to an Aquanatal class which I will be sharing with you guys soon – And I will continue going gym just on a lighter scale! I need to snap back!!! 

Of recent the swollen feet and ankles have started to creep in as baby gets bigger too – nothing a bit of elevation can’t help – also a massage from the hubs lol. 

I never complain though!! Why am I complaining?! This journey is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t express it anymore and as I enter the final hurdle soon I find it harder to contain my excitement. 

It can get tough sometimes though, I’m in entertainment industry so I’m used to going out a lot but now I get tired more easily so a lot is invites I need to turn down and also it doesn’t look very cool a pregnant lady out in a club, people will just stare and tell me to take my ass home. 

I’m missing out on a few holidays with the girls too which is a shame but at the end of the day the present I’m about to receive is worth soooooo much more! 

I pray my little prince is like his daddy! A God-fearing, caring, loving, hard working, respectful, talented individual! He will never lack! He will be happy and light up the room wherever he goes! 

I love you so much my little Prince! Can’t wait to meet you! 

Thank you God for bringing me this far too, I was sceptical about writing this as I didn’t want to giveaway too much of my personal life, but I felt like this morning God wanted me to share this with you, maybe somebody out there needed this. 

I pray the last hurdle of my journey goes smoothly, I feel good, I still look good if I may say so myself, I’ve not put on any significant weight as I’m still eating healthy. My cravings are grapes – definetly cannot put on weight constantly eating grapes can I? 

Watch our vlog when we find out we are having a boy!

It’s Not Just About Me Anymore! 

I’ve noticed I think ALOT in the shower… does anyone else do that? Lol 
I woke up so tired today after a long weekend full of work and outings with family and friends, that when my alarm went off I just wanted to stay in bed and rest but I realised I’ve actually got to work! 
It’s not just about me anymore, I’ve got to do this for my new family. 
Motherhood is not a joke, everyday I realise I’m going to have a huge responsibility to deal with very soon and I just want to be the best I want to be! 

Currently I actually work 7 days a week! I run my own business and now I’m working two jobs because I realised my hustle has got to step up! 

I can’t lie it’s really not easy, most times I just want to rest, as you may know I’m more tired than I used to be, but the hustle must continue! There’s money I need to make and there’s another human coming into my life who I now need to look after which means he comes first! 
What allowed me to stay motivated this morning was knowing that I’m going to inspire young females on how to be their own boss! Talk to them about my journey and why I love my job! And this has all been from the hard work I’ve been putting in since I graduated from uni, work that people are finally starting to see, which makes me realise that these sleepless nights, the long days, the early starts are actually ALL worth it! 

One thing I want you to all do is never give up! Keep on going, because one day you are going to realise is that it’s all going to be worth it. 

God will never put you in situations that you feel you can’t handle, he just prepares you for the amazing things that will reap from it. 

Have a productive week my loves!

“You are about to become everything they feared you would be” – Sprinkle Of Jesus 

Nothing is going to stop me! 

Omgosh I did it! I actually did it! 

Sunday 2nd July, the sun was beating down, little bit of wind but it was a very very nice day! Anxious but determined I prepared to run the 5K race I promised myself I would do since last year in memory of Nisi.

When I told myself I would it, my reason was because it was going to be a huge challenge for me. For those that know me I’m a sprinter, I like running 100/200m but anything longer than that, yeah count me out! So agreeing to do 5K was definetly something out of my comfort zone, but I was determined to keep going and not give up because that’s what Nisi always used to do! 

When I crossed the start line I put my headphones in and starting jogging my way round the long route alongside thousands of other determined women raising money for Cancer and fighting against it! 

Along the route I wanted to give up, I was so tired, my foot was hurting but then I imagined Nisi at the finish line smiling and cheering me on so I kept going, kept going! 

Each 1K I would see a sign telling me how long I had to go and each time I knew I was getting closer to the end so I kept pushing through. 

My last 500m approached and on the right hand side I saw my loved ones cheering me on, pushing me to finish. Seeing all those familiar faces made me smile and forgot about all the pain and tiredness I was experiencing. 

As I reached the last 50m I spirited my way to the end and I was sooooo happy! I actually could not believe I had done it! Not only that but I’m pregnant too! What a double whammy! 

It was only one of the best days of my life and I’m not even exaggerating. I’m so happy I’m still able to keep fit while carrying an extra load and I’m continuing with my life and enjoying every single step of the way.

All the hard work of training paid off! I feel and look good if I may say so myself and that’s honestly thanks to the best boyfriend ever! He continues to push me through  and support me in every single thing that I do. Thank you! 

I aimed to raise £500 but thanks to my loved ones I exceeded that limit and now I pray that money will be beneficial and can perhaps save someone’s life out there who is suffering from the horrible illness.

Cancer is not a joke and it takes so many lives, people being diagnosed are getting younger and younger and it saddens me! 

This month is Nisis birthday, she would be 27 but sadly she won’t be celebrating with us. I just hope everyday she is smiling down on me, and I really hope she’s proud of me too. 

Writing this I have tears in my eyes because I find it hard to take in that my princess is no longer here, but I will make sure whatever I do in this life I never ever forget her and I will let her name live on! 

Nothing is going to stop me! And I honestly feel like Nisi’s soul helps me to push through.

I hope you were proud of me my princess! It was all for you! Thank you for helping me get through it. 

Love you forever x 

The End Seems So Far…

Woke up at 5am this morning by the feeling of my bladder about to erupt from all the water I’ve been drinking to make sure I’m fully hydrated in this sweltering heat! 

How annoying! I really dislike these random wake ups when I’m having the sweetest sleep and the most amazing dreams. But hey, I suppose it’s all part of this new journey I’m embarking on. 

Usually I am able to fall right back to sleep, well after a few twist and turns and yawns and after checking my phone quickly. But this morning was different. I laid there, fan blowing on me as I tried to comprehend the heat, and I just could NOT get back to sleep! 

Fears started to erupt. I felt the devil was playing games with me. So immediately I turned to my bible app and started reading the two bible plans that I usually start my day with. 

I’ve noticed these plans majority of the time relate to something I’m going through, and today’s message spoke to me in a strange way. 

‘Use the gift God has given you’. 

I know the gift God has given me, I’ve been using this for the past 5/6 years, and although I feel I’ve made some sort of progress, the end still seems so far away! 

What am I not doing right? I lay there and calculate that there is 6 months left of the year, 6 months left of this journey before my whole life changes! Something needs to give? 

I know what I’m good at, and I know something will make way for me to capitalise on my gift from God so I can be successful and make a change! 

It’s normal to worry, but when you let the worry and fear consume you, it shows you are doubting God! As hard as it seems to me right now, I’m still so grateful. Grateful that I am able to wake up everyday and thank God for my life, grateful I have a roof over my head, a car to drive, loving parents, supporting friends, the best partner anybody could EVER wish for! So I don’t complain. Instead I talk to God and I say: 

“Although the end seems so far, I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I know something is going to happen. And when it does my testimony will be GREAT! So powerful that it will inspire others to keep going and never give up!”

The days are actually going so fast, although to me ironically it feels like forever because I’m counting down, so I need to step up, stay faithed up and continue on this beautiful journey God has blessed me with! 

Another random post, writing helps me to release and reflect and I just hope someone else is able to relate and hopefully this can also inspire! 

To end this, just to remind you I’m running (well perhaps jogging) 5K in memory of my beautiful Nisi who sadly lost her life to cancer last year! It’s her birthday next month, and my run takes place on July 2nd! All donations would be truly appreciated! 

Please do donate what you can by clicking this link:

Ciao x 

R.I.P Princess! I miss you everyday ❤️

Don’t Ever Loose Hope! 

Shame on me for not posting in so long! But thank you for coming back to my page to read my blog! I love you guys! 

Sometimes life really slaps you in the face and you need to take a step back to look at it and re evaluate a few things. That’s what I needed to do. 

Well after some time away, I’m back, back to remind you all of some life lessons, back to tell you to never give up, and back to share some things that I have learnt on my journey. 

Do you ever have this plan for your life? You want to achieve this by this age, you want to be married by that age, perhaps have a child a couple years later? Then retire ten years after that? Well yeah, life doesn’t always go according to plan and you can’t be mad! Why? Because you are NOT God, God has his own plan for you. He may throw things in your face that you never expected, it may throw you off course, but one thing you need to do is remain faithful! 

It can be so hard when you feel lost in the transition of change, you may start to worry, of recent that’s been something I’ve been struggling with. Then I need to remind myself that God would never put me in a situation I cannot handle! 

Sometimes he throws us off course because he doesn’t think we are ready, he wants to prepare us for the next hurdle in life. 

“You need to look past the temporary pain and look instead at the long-term benefit in your life. Trust God!”

This year I had sooo many things planned out, I had targets to reach, places I wanted to visit then BOOM, a huge change  deterred me from all of that. At first I was so upset and angry, then after a while it sunk it and I realised what a HUGE blessing God had decided to put in my life. 

I’m still striving, I’m still building, I’m still trying my very best to be the best that I can be! If anything it’s made me want to work even HARDER! 

Literally nothing is stopping me! I’m super excited for this journey and soon I will be able to take you all on my journey! 

The remainder of the year is due to be sooooo much fun and I’m bound to go through a whirlwind of emotions as I get there. But one thing I’ve noticed is that when you have a good support system and faith in God nothing is impossible! 

I thank God for my mum, my best friend, my biggest supporter and motivator, everything from here on I do for her! She’s my Why! 

Why do I need to make it? – For my mum, so she will never have to work a day in her life, so she can retire and live stress free because she deserves all the happiness in the world!

Thanks for reading my lovelies, thanks for not giving up on me. I will definitely be back! So stay tuned. 

Ciao x

Love and Live your Life!