Yay! It’s International Women’s Day, I was a bit sceptical to write a blog post today, but I felt it was necessary because it is a day we can celebrate the empowerment of us females!

Ladies we are beautiful, God created us in his image that’s why we are all uniquely made. We come in different shapes and sizes, different races, different complexions, and although we may look different from the outside, one thing we ALL have in common is that we are AMAZING! They should call us SUPERWOMEN! 

However, being a female is not always easy, we don’t get the same ratings as men, we are seen as the emotional ones, the crazy ones, the species that are under rated!

We have to carry a baby for nine months, we have to give birth, we have periods every month, we eventually will have to be the ones that have to cook, clean feed. We have to deal with sexism in the work place, men constantly putting us down because they don’t think we are as strong as them!

Today we get to celebrate how strong and successful we are!

For me personally it’s been a tough ride working in a male dominated industry as a music manager, but instead of letting it be my downfall, I used it to make me work harder. 

Imagine being in a studio session with an artist I manage and a group of strangers, automatically they assume I’m some sort of groupie, little do they know that I am a music manager! I don’t blame them for their assumptions, because this is how us females are portrayed sadly. However what I’ve realised is that the way you portray and carry yourself is the way people will treat you. 

Immediately I need to make my job role known so that these males don’t automatically assume that they can ‘move to me’ or even disregard my presence. One thing that Yandy taught me is that if you want to be a boss you have to act like one! 

I absolutely love my job, I love everything about being a woman in the entertainment industry and over the past five years I’ve worked so hard that I know I am a female hustler! 

Show your talents. Be authoritative, be assertive, be bold, be confident and be a female boss! 

We are more then capable of anything and have the will and power to do certain jobs better than men so why don’t we get the same respect?

Females let’s celebrate this day to show how special we are and the impact we can have on the world! 

I love that I have the ability to carry a baby and bring a human being into the world, I love that I can eventually be a wife and a mother. 

I love that I’m a CEO/Founder of a music management company and constantly building my empire, I’m super excited for the future to show the world how powerful we as females are! 

I’m working hard to build a team of females so we can all work and grow together, if you are a creative and want to get involved in the movement feel free to leave a comment so we can connect or follow me on my social media outlets – @gabrielle_music. 

On that note, I will be live on DJ Special D’s radio show on Thursday 9th March from 8pm celebrating #InternationalWomensDay so make sure you lock in (details can be found on the flyer below)! 


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