December 2015, on a flight to Verona Italy by myself to spend a few days winding down; I said “I’m going to travel every month for the next 12 months” I do enjoy travelling, but I felt like there were parts of the world that I needed to visit.

And so the journey began….

December 2015 – Verona, Italy – A random spontaneous trip. Can’t lie it was so cold, and I will never go there again in December. The temperatures dropped to -5C. Lovely place though! 

January 2016 – Ghana – My solo trip to Ghana was AMAZING! It was the second time me going alone and I enjoyed every minute of it! Visiting friends and family, but also working and building connects. I was interviewed on two of the most popular radio stations and networked like crazy! Ghana is where I’m happiest, hot weather, traditional food, sandy beaches. “God bless our homeland Ghana”

February 2016 – Amsterdam, Holland – Business trip but you know when you work you still need to play too! Initially travelled to shoot a music video for an artist I was managing at the time. Was a very eventful trip, ending with a really good night partying with Wiz Kid and friends! 

March 2016 – Guernsey, Channel Islands – My mum moved to Guernsey for work so I took myself there to visit her and give myself an excuse for a cheeky little trip away! Maybe not the best time to visit in terms of weather, it was so cold, but I had an enjoyable relaxing time. Hired a car and managed to explore the whole island in less than a day. 

April 2016 – Barcelona, Spain – a fun trip with my bestie/cousin Myra! I had never been to Spain before so we decided to book a fun filled trip. Lovely weather, amazing scenery and such fun and respectable people! Would defo visit again! (The nudist beach was so hilarious – don’t ask how we ended up there) 

May – Guernsey, Channel Islands (again) – This time I travelled with my besties (Chiz and Myra) and we went to visit my mum again and celebrate her birthday. Weather was so much better and we travelled to different islands to see the different cultures. Such a beautiful island! Would definitely recommend.

June – Amsterdam, Holland (again) – Nothing wrong with booking a random trip to Holland with your people’s! Of course we had fun, bike riding, site seeing and of course coffee shops 😝

July – Paris, France – Another spontaneous trip. Me and my partner found a nice cheap flight to Paris and enjoyed the iconic scenes, fine cuisine and shopping. Paris is definitely a place you need to visit in a life time! 

August/September- Copenhagen, Denmark – On the way back from Paris we saw Copenhagen on the arrival screen and we thought “why not?” Checked the flights and they were as cheap as £30!! You can’t go wrong with a cheap flight and a cute Air BnB! What a clean and calm country! Such beautiful scenery and expensive food lol. 

October – Crete, Greece – a little cheeky holiday with the girls to celebrate mine and my good friend Mercy’s birthday! One of my best trips to date! You can never go wrong with great company, sun, sea and cocktails! Would defo suggest hiring a car if you visit there, public transport isn’t the greatest and I swear the country is just full of mountains! Great for scenic pics though (I took plenty of those)

November – New York/New Jersey, America – The highlight of my 12 months of travelling thanks to my amazing circle! I was blessed to travel to NY to meet my inspiration; Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith (read the full blog post: Go And Chase That Dream! It was such an amazing way to end my 12 months of travelling. This solo trip really allowed me to find myself and gave me the inspiration and drive to be the next #FemaleBoss! America is such a interesting country, I had not been in 8 years, and I had never been alone so it was so surreal and I loved every single second! 

Travelling doesn’t need to be expensive, you can book a 3 day European getaway fit about £100! It’s just about shopping around. 

2016 should me how determined I can be! I said I wanted to travel every month, and I made sure that nothing came in the way of that! If we all apply that same determination to our goals in life, success would be inevitable! 

2017 I won’t travel as much, I’m “trying” to save, however there are a few countries on my mind that I feel I need to visit so stay tuned. 

Live your life to the fullest! 


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