Now, let me be clear, I am NOT a personal trainer but I really really love keeping fit. For me keeping fit is a lifestyle, it’s very therapeutic and I love the results I see from keeping fit.

From a young age I was very active, I took part in swimming, gymnastics, dance and athletics, it kept me active up until now, but what I noticed is that as I got older I became lazier. If i injured myself, the healing process took longer too, I just felt like my body was failing me.

Last year, I started going to the gym again, after a break for a few years, and I made sure it was regularly. I would go at least 3 times a week and if possible depending on my schedule, I would fit in a class of Yoga. The results were GREAT! My body was looking good, and I felt good inside and out. My mind was free and full of positivity.

Now, I’ve always been active, quite a fast runner, but my stamina is sooooo poor! After loosing Nisi, I wanted to make sure her legacy lived on! I decided to sign up to a 5K run next year in aid of Cancer. When I signed up I told myself I was mad, although 5K might be fine for some of you, the thought of running that scares me because I know my stamina is not great at all.

One thing about Nisi was that she was soooo determined, nothing or no one EVER stopped her. So why should my fear stop me?

I’m more determined than ever now to train hard and run the whole 5K in memory of Nisi, knowing that I’m doing this run for her makes me work even harder.

I was out of the gym for a couple of months due to an injury and just dealing with all the grief, so going back was like starting from the beginning again.

I lost so much weight/muscle, so now I’m back on a new diet and ALOT of training.I’m not as strong as before, but I know if I continue with my regime I can get back to my old form in no time. It’s a process, a slow one, but I know by July I’m going to be in the best form I’ve ever been in!

I write these blog posts to share my thoughts, feelings and also to perhaps motivate people who could be facing different issues in life. I live to help, empower and motivate people, I honestly feel like God put me on this Earth to do exactly that.

With that being said, I just want to remind you all that you are more than capable of reaching your goals. The only thing that will stop you is YOURSELF. With enough persistence, determination, drive and faith, you honestly have NO excuse!

This is my journey, my blog reveals all, and I hope i can help someone!

Follow me on my fitness journey as I start training again, I want to update you all with my progress and any tips I feel can help people who would love to stay fit.

‘Summer bodies are made in the winter’.

In memory of Nisi I am running this 5K run for a charitable cause and would LOVE if you could help me reach my goal of raising £500 for Cancer Research. Donations can be made by clicking this link >> <<

Feel free to leave comments or message me if there is anything you feel you need help/advice on. I’m not an agony aunt but will always try my best to help.

P.S Thought I would share a video of one of gym sessions, this day I focused on core. I will be posting more content every now and again so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to follow my blog for all updates!

Ciao x


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