“I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that remains.”

Nisi, you were and still are so loved! 29th November 2016, a day I can NEVER forget, the love and positivity was truly overwhelming.

#RememberingNisi, was an event that I wanted to put on in remembrance of my darling Nisi who lost her life on 3rd September 2016. Loosing Nisi left a huge hole in my heart, I felt so lost dealing with grief knowing that I would never see my princess again. Noone told me or even prepared me for how hard it was going to be loosing a friend who meant so much to me.

For almost a month, I stayed couped up, I couldn’t eat, I stopped going gym, I didn’t even want to socialise, going to church was even something I found hard to do becuase of the fear of breaking down.

With the help from my friends and family, and putting all my faith in God I was able to see the positive side of loosing Nisi.

Why should we mourn and cry everyday? “Nisi wouldn’t want that” I kept telling myself. She would want me to continue with life and think of all the good times we shared, all the good memories continued to make me smile and appreciate life so much more.

Nisi had dreams to be a doctor, God knew best and took her to a better place, but it meant she never got to reach that dream. It made me want to work harder, and I needed her legacy to live on. She was such a hard worker, so determined, she NEVER gave up and most importantly she really believed in me. She always told me I would make it, although sometimes I would doubt myself, Nisi always believed I would be the next Yandy Smith.

I planned this event to remember Nisi, to go back to the days we would sing and dance together in her living room. She loved music!

#RememberingNisi had such an amazing turnout, we were able to raise so much money to take to Nisi’s family.

Each act was special in their own way, hand picked because I felt they knew my passion, and their talent needed to be showcased amongst many.

The road to this day was extremely tough, I learnt a lot about myself and people around me. I learnt that this is really my passion, all the hard work paid off, the outcome of the tears, the stress the sleepless nights was all so worth it!

Nisi, I really hope you enjoyed yourself, I hope you watched down and smiled as you saw how many people honestly cherished you and came down to celebrate your beautiful life.

I will never ever forget you, I look at your picture and I smile because I remember how amazing you are and I know you were super proud of me!

Some days I have doubts about this music dream, but then I think about you, and my drive and determination comes back. All I do is for YOU!

Till we meet again princess. I miss you x


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