Your Passion Exists Within You! 

Ever sat there, pondered through your social media and asked yourself ‘Why has she made it and I haven’t?’ ‘I wonder how she got there’ OR ‘I wish I had that car, when will it be my turn to make it?’ Social media shows you what YOU want to see! 

Let’s be real, we have all envied someone at one point of our lives and it’s natural, but one thing I can say is that it’s not healthy! Don’t look at what other people are doing, you don’t know what they are going through or what journey they took to get there. 

I’m fuelled with so much positive energy after returning from my trip to New York, the things I learnt there inspired me even more and made me realise that everyone has a passion that exists within them. Sometimes it takes longer for some to find their passion than others, but eventually it will come. Being surrounded by so many entrepreneurs who are successful has really motivated me! 

Not everyone is going to agree with what your passion is though, and this is something I’ve experienced first hand and I still do. 

Negativity should drive you to work harder and prove people wrong. Remember that ‘friend’ that didn’t believe in you and thought you would never make it? Yeah prove them wrong! 

Remember the teacher that said you would never amount to nothing? Yeah prove them wrong! 

Being confident in what you believe in will get you far in life, exceed peoples  expectations, believe in yourself. How do you expect to reach your goal if you doubt your own journey? 

Some days might get extra tough, you might be sitting there wondering when your big breakthrough will happen, but the gift of patience and believing in Gods timing is what will get you far in life. 

Persevere in your walk with God, even when it’s hard. Stay focused on Him, and it will all pay off when you enter the victory He has for you. 

“And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭19:29‬ ‭

The past week was interesting, I learnt a lot about myself and people around me. As the weeks draw closer to my Charity showcase for Nisi I’ve been experiencing situations that made me realise who’s really down for me, and who really believes in me and supports my passion. 

I just want the event to go so well, in remembrance of my dear friend who lost her battle to cancer! I never want anyone to go through the heartache and pain I’ve been experiencing. I’m putting on this show because I want to help people (but not everybody understands how passionate I really am about this). 

It’s okay to loose friends on your journey, you will make new ones, getting rid of negative energy will put you at the forefront of success. You think being surrounded with negativity and people who constantly bring you down will get you anywhere in life? Then think again! 

Stop holding onto things that won’t help you progress! Align with people who are smarter than you, learn new things from them, build a team that focus on supporting you and feeding you with positivity! 

I’m honestly so so grateful for the small group of friends I have and my family who continue to support my passion and who are constantly routing for me to make it! And I’m still so humbled that I managed to meet the woman who I look up too, God blessed me, and each day I wake up and thank him.

An analogy my bf told me one day was: “Everyone has the same destination, we all have a dream we are trying to reach. We are all taking the same motorway to reach our destination, however some people’s journeys may be longer than others. We may need to stop off for fuel on the way, perhaps you get a puncture on your tyre which slows you down. But don’t fear because despite the troubles on your journey, you WILL reach that final destination” Powerful right? Just take that in and absorb it. 

You need to remember that there is a purpose in everyone of us. What is your purpose? 

I know mine! 


2 thoughts on “Your Passion Exists Within You! 

  1. I love this post, I’m going to read it again as my night time read. Everything you said is so true and I know for sure I’m currently experiencing the same things at the mo!

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  2. You could not have said it any better. The greateness lies within you and with God all things are possible. I am overjoyed at these words of wisdom and it shall be a constant reminder as i continue my journey, noting that we all have a purpose. I am glad you have found yours.


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