Now if you follow me on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat) then you will be following my New York journey. 

Rewind back to last month when I received the greatest gift from my loved ones – a trip to NY to attend Yandys EGL event. 

Time flew past and it was time for me to  embark on my solo trip to NY to chase my dream. I’ve always been inspired by Yandy Smith and her journey – a successful music manager who then expanded her brand and now is a influential public figure in the entertainment industry. 

Knowing that I would be attending her event and knowing I was finally going to meet the woman who inspires me to be a female boss sent all sorts of emotions through me. I was extremely excited, but the excitement was shared with fear and anxiety. “What if I freeze when I meet her and don’t ask all the questions I’ve always wanted to ask?” “What if I’m not brave enough to stand up and even ask her questions” “What will she be like in real life?” The questions kept continuing. 

Day 1 out of 3 came of the EGL event, as I lined up to enter the first panel I looked around and there were so many females like myself who were also inspiring entrepreneurs all wanting to come and learn, be inspired and be a female BOSS. I was so scared knowing that they were all here to speak to Yandy and the other influential females too, some came with friends or family, others had formed friendship groups but I was all alone. It was fine though before all of a sudden a huge spell of confidence hit me and I was more than ready! 

I sat there for two hours inspired by all the different stories from the panelists, I had my little notebook and I made sure it was filled with amazing advice and life experiences form each one of them. 

“Who would like to ask the panel a question?” A lady at the back asked. 

My hand shot up without hesitation, I don’t even remember my brain telling my hand to rise up and be the most eager in the room. My conscience spoke for me. As I stood up in the room infront of 100 people, I shared my story about my passion and my story about how I found my purpose on this earth. I told them my story about loosing my dear friend to Cancer and how it made me want to work harder than ever. Obviously my accent was very strange to them too so when I confirmed I had travelled all the way from london the whole room was shocked! 

Yandy was inspired and touched by my story that she gave me a huge hug and invited me to sit on the panel with these multi millionaire entrepreneurs, I was truly touched. All the fear and anxiety left my body, I was now so overwhelmed and happy that Yandy now knew who I was and was so touched by my story, it felt like a dream come true! 

After the panel so many people came up to me to speak to me about my statement and congratulated me on how brave I was and continued to fill my spirit with happiness and joy. Immediately I had to thank GOD! It was all so overwhelming and I was so happy to be in that position. 

The weekend had just started and went from good to even greater! 

Day Two consisted of three panels of all types of entrepreneurs, all with different walks in life but despite their bumpy roads were now successful entrepreneurs some even worth MILLIONS! 

I was so inspired and humbled to just be in a room full of greatness. Throughout the day I made so may new friends and built so many connections, I was filled with so much joy and drive to work even harder to be successful! 

The final day I was invited to an intimate brunch with Yandy Smith and a few amazing females, as we sat there and spoke about life I just kept thanking God for allowing me to be part of something so positive! I was surrounded by so much greatness and positivity, the energies were flowing. 

I made a number of connections, and spoke to so many females that have fed me with so much wisdom and knowledge!! 

There is actually too much to write in this blog post, I could sit here forever and share my entire weekend for you in depth but we will be here for a while! 

One piece of advice I will give to all of you who inspire to be something in life: “GOD AND CHASE THAT DREAM!” 

The time is NOW! I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to come to New York and experience such greatness, but I made sure that I made the most of every single minute I was at that event. I connected, I shared my story, I reached out to females to ask for help (I’ve always had a problem asking for help, trust me pride don’t get you nowhere!). 

I’ve always been passionate about being a female BOSS! But something touched me this weekend. I believe in myself more, and I really do believe God’s timing is the best timing. 

Sometimes the meal God is preparing for you is so special that it may take longer than other people. So don’t be disheartened if you see others progressing quicker than you! 

“But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.James‬ ‭1:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

I honestly can’t wait to focus more on my brand, build it and one day tell my story to other aspiring entrepreneurs! 

Honestly I felt I found my purpose when I lost Nisi, and sometimes it can take a while to find your purpose but when you do you will feel so liberated! Embrace it and ask God to help you as you build your empire! 

The road is not going to be easy, and this is where the real go getters are differentiated from the ones that think they want it! 

Which one are you? 

Ciao x 

P.S stay tuned for my next blog post coming soon! 

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