Each Day Is A New Day 

Today was a random random day, I didn’t wake up with positivity and happiness as I usually do, instead I woke up with a dark cloud over my head with so much anger, anxiety and negativity. 

“What is going on Gabrielle?” I kept asking myself! 

I was angry as I sat there wondering why people or should I say “friends” don’t support what I do. I sat there anxious as I thought about all the preparation I need to do to make sure Nisi’s event goes according to plan. Do you know how hard it is to plan an event in remembrance of a friend??!! I also sat there full of negativity as another person let me down!

All these horrible emotions started off my day so badly, which then kept going downhill. 

They say “your mood from when you wake up will effect the rest of your day”. So obviously if you wake up positively you will have a great day, but if you wake up with negative feelings then your day will go badly. Whoever told me that (I honestly can’t remember but it’s a wise quote), really was speaking the truth. 

I had to quickly snap out of it, as I do every morning I turn to my bible app and today’s message was something I really could relate too. Let me share it with you: 

“Every single day is filled with all kinds of situations that could upset you, things like losing your car keys or getting caught in a traffic jam. But you can choose to be at peace and in control in the midst of them.”

Why was I allowing situations to control my feelings? Why was I allowing other people to control how I feel? Am I a TV remote control? NOPE! 

Then it got me thinking, you know what it’s okay if “friends” don’t support, it taught me to keep them at a distance and not to share my success with them. 

I didn’t need to feel anxious about Nisi’s event, if 5 people come it’s fine, I know deep down I worked hard and my angel will be smiling down on me and she will be so grateful for all I did! 

I didn’t need to feel any negative vibes because someone let me down, it’s ok!! It just teaches me to be prepared and to not depend so much on someone to help me out. 

As usual I’m going on a bit too much, but I feel my blog is the only way to channel and express how I feel. I love writing and I’m really bad at opening up and sharing my emotions. I also want to write this just incase someone is going through what I am, hopefully I can shed some positivity on you. 

We are human it’s okay to feel down sometimes, but these emotions should be temporary, don’t let these negative emotions consume your soul and effect the rest of your day! 

As I write this I feel a HUGE sense of relief and I just want to say thank you for reading this far. 

Each day is a new day, don’t let yesterday’s worries consumes today’s thoughts! 

Ciao x 


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