As my birthday draws nearer, I sit back and reflect on the year that has passed.

What have I achieved? What could I have done better? What new things did I do? 

This time last year I never imagined the amount of travelling I would do. I have travelled every month since my birthday and it has been eventful! 

I have experienced things that I never imagined, met friends that I felt I have known for a lifetime, lost friends who I ‘thought’ would be here forever, and been to places I never thought I would visit. 

However, although we should celebrate life, as I get older, I dread my birthday more and more, the fact that I’m getting older scares me, but why should it? I can’t be 21 forever ey? 😉

As I draw closer to the 30 mark, I’m getting ready to start a new adventure! I want to travel even more, far and beyond, and do more exciting things. 

The past few months have been tough, won’t go into much detail, but it taught me that not everyone on this earth is going to approve of you or like you, but it’s okay! Live life and enjoy! 

Why should their approval of you determine your life?? It really shouldn’t, they will go to bed happy at night but you are there loosing sleep wondering why this one person, or these people don’t like you. For what? 

As cliché as it sounds we need to live our lives like it’s our last day on Earth! Tomorrow is not promised to anybody, so why are you scared to take that leap of faith? 

As I grow older, I grow more mature, I gain more confidence and I care less about anybody’s opinion of me! I am me, and because of that I am where I am today. We all have our skeletons in our closets (some have theirs out in the open), but one thing I know is that nobody is perfect! 

To live a happy and care free life, embrace who you are and DO YOU!  Don’t judge, don’t discriminate, just embrace the gift of life! Some people go to sleep and don’t wake up, but you here today, alive and breathing and reading my blog 🙂 

Before I babble on, because I can do that sometimes and go off topic, I just want to say I am very grateful for all of those that have played a positive and negative impact on my life. I am me because of all my life experiences and I am happy! 

September was a very bad month, but I refuse to let that stop me from celebrating the fact that I wake up each day so I can live my dream (to be the next Yandy Smith).

Roll on the birthday celebrations! Looking forward to spending time and enjoying with all my loved ones! 

Stay posted for my birthday celebration blog! Can’t wait to share with you all! 🎉

21 forever! (simply because I look it 😝) 

Ciao x


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