It’s been almost two years since I last relaxed my hair, and I can’t lie sometimes I’m so tempted to run to the shop and buy two boxes of relaxer (yes I have to use two!) just to relieve the stress. But then a little voice inside says “Stop Gabz, you’ve come this far, don’t do it!”. 

Gone are the days I am able to do a slick back and doughnut style, or straighten it so it looks like weave. Thankfully I was blessed with great hair, but since transitioning it’s been hard. 

I didn’t take the route of doing the big chop, I just allowed my hair to grow out naturally, and while it did that I continued to wear protective hairstyles like weave or braids. 

During this process my hair kept growing and growing, but I wasn’t taking time to treat it, by trimming it and doing special treatments to keep it healthy. I did not have the paitience and honestly I didn’t think I needed to because it was not stunting my growth. I even decided to dye the ends to add character to it for when I did decide to wear my hair out. 

When my good friend, who happens to be a hairdresser saw my hair she really told me off and said my hair was unhealthy and needed a trim. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had one, and I was scared because I thought the growth would change dramatically. 

But one day I plucked up the courage and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I ever decided to do, my hair now feels so soft! I’m lucky enough to have very thick yet soft hair. Not too sure about all this type 4b or 4c type hair stuff, but I just know I can’t easily brush through it once it’s been moisturised etc etc. 

Before and after trimming

I’m really enjoying having natural hair, although it’s frustrating I do enjoy the compliments and I’m proud of my hair. Some people still get shocked when I have my Afro out and constantly ask if it’s real. 

I want to wear my hair out more and try more hairstyles (ones that would hopefully make me look older than 18), so if any of you have any ideas then please do let me know!

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy wearing weaves etc, but I believe us females particularly black females, should take pride in our hair, show it off once in a while. You will be shocked about the amount of people that will compliment your new style! 

I used to be so scared of leaving my house without my hair did in a weave, or wear a wig, but now I’m actually loving the natural hair look. 

It’s very time consuming, and stressful, but so worth it when you look in the mirror and just smile at how good you look 😉


3 thoughts on “The Natural Hair Journey

  1. I love your hair. You should try to do bantu knots ( I love them). my hair recently got damaged and I did the big chop in October 2014 i’m so heart broken and refuse to get it cut it. i’m in the process of looking for treatments/deep conditioners. good luck and stay strong! it’s definitely a struggle but well worth it!

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