This blog is to keep you updated on myself… Gabrielle Music, what random things I may get up to in my day to day life, and also to just share topics I may feel strongly about.
On Thursday 22nd September I was lucky enough to be interviewed on DJ Special D’s show ‘The Delivery Show’ which was broadcasted live on Mystic FM.

He invited onto the show, which this month focused on females and was entitled #FemaleTakeover.

I’m so used to being in the background while artists I manage deal with radio and TV interviews. I’m usually there prompting them or telling them not what to say, so it was a little strange to have the spotlight on me for once (not sure if I like being in the spotlight though).

The interview started a bit shakey, I was slightly nervous, not sure why because if you know me you will know that I’m such a confident bubbly person. But within a couple of minutes I was back to my normal self!

DJ Special D interviewed me live on air and asked me questions about how I started GMG, how I want the industry to change, he also put me on the spot as he asked me a few fast paced questions which was actually really fun.

I ended my interview with my favourite ten songs right now (when you hear them you will think it’s a strange top ten, but I suppose it shows my versatility).
I honestly didn’t want the show to end I throughly enjoyed myself. The energy was great and the music kept me dancing throughout.

If you missed out feel free to listen back:


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