Hi girls and guys,

I have been procrastinating for a while to create this blog, but yesterday (Sunday 18th September 2016) I believe God really spoke to me and said just go for it!

I think I was scared because I did not think anybody would read my blog, or would find it boring. That fear had to stop and now I’m going to write this blog, simply because I want to share things I experience and I really do enjoy writing too.

September started off quite badly, but I feel the situations allowed me to grow closer to God and to really go out and get it, tomorrow is not promised to anybody, so we really have to reach for our dreams and stop the procrastinating. Which is what I aim to do more than I ever have.

So here is to a new chapter. I hope you guys do enjoy my blog, it will be a mixture of everything really. Feel free to comment or share too.

Ciao x



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